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The Animals of Roland Tamayo

I really like Roland Tamayo’s technologically altered animal landscapes. They make me feel nostalgic for non-existent SF novels and comics.


The Art of Sidney Sime

Sidney Sime was an amazing illustrator but his work is really hard to find. He worked on books by Lord dunsany, W. H. Hodgson, Arthur Machen etc. Here are some of his illustrations, courtesy of Golden Age Comic Book Stories:

Amazing Toshio Okazaki Monster Paintings

Pink Tentacle strikes again with some awesome monster paintings by Toshio Okazaki, from the 70s:

Wow, it looks so different when it isn’t Godzilla fighting it out with somebody or other, doesn’t it? I’m really loving these. Check out the rest.

(via Pink Tentacle)

Danny Plotnick: Poet of the Super 8

Some really cool shorts by Danny Plotnick.

The documentary in its entirety.

(via Dangerous Minds)

I love how paranoid people get over stories like this. Nothing like a bit of tech-gossip to get the blood of geeks boiling. This was posted a few hours ago and already has about 80 comments. Made my morning.

However, within certain parameters, it’s a move that could make sense for Facebook, which is what makes the scenario so attractive I guess.

Click through to watch the rest. Cool stuff.

From the people at BERG:

Make sure to click on the link in order to find out how they designed this. Amazing stuff.

New London Architecture and the London Communications Agency have compiled a visual guide (pdf) to public bodies, councils, ministries etc that run our city and the relationships between them.

In light of the government’s proposal of a Decentralisation and Localism Bill, which aims to “devolve greater powers to councils and neighbourhoods and give local communities control over housing and planning decisions”, NLA and the LCA have put together this guide that makes clear the relationships between our governing bodies for reasons of accountability and transparency, with a view to considering their merit within the framework of the Bill. The guide is accompanied by a glossary that provides general, as well as contact, information for each of those bodies.

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