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Awesome mix from Moon Wiring Club over at Pontone:

Dedicated with love to Michael Jayston, the Jayston Mix is a funfair pickNmixed bag of favourites old and new, and a wandering down pathways both sinister and silly.
Here you’ll find beyond-classic lost sample-heroics from Biosphere, crunchy-slurred breakbeats from the antique MC Duke, Coil rubbing shoulders with Leonard Rossiter, delightfully RP-looping from the Art of Noise and splendidly mournful bubble-pop froOoOOm oOoOO. EL-P and Lordy Lloyd-Webber get along famously in a flat-share while Giorgio does a cattish double-take. Mew. N-N-N-Noosha Fox has an irresistible stammer and provides a TOTP Talk Box sensation, and the kindly ghost of Russell Harty pops up to remind you that he is gone but never forgotten.
Then it’s uphill down your way as Brian Croucher staggers through polystyrene boulders of speech in a manner defying descriptive powers of a rational mind. Unique. There’s a hidden level to remind you that computer game music + musochops = bewildering excellence while we Peter Owt with lucid melancholia and a reminder… I’ve told you. I’m a funny fellow.
I think my Crimmos are going to enjoy this.
Ian Hodgson (Moon Wiring Club)

01. Dopplereffeckt. Compactification
02. Autechre. Altibzz
03. Mark Pritchard. The Hologram
04. Ivor Slaney. Easy Prey – End Title
05. Shape. Brutalist Realm
06. Andrew Lloyd-webber. Variations
07. El-P. Tuned Mass Damper (instrumental)
08. Koji Kondo & Soyo Oka. Pilot Wings
09. V/VM. Valerian Albanov
10. Gescom. Mag Ae Remix
11. The Advisory Circle. And the Cuckoo Comes
12. MC Duke. I’m Riffin (Smokin’ Beats)
13. Leonard Rossiter & The Rigsbyettes. Rising Damp
14. Coil. Dark River
15. Keith Mansfield. Passport International (a)
16. Goblin. Snip-Snap
17. The Seebach Band. Bubble Sex
18. oOoOO. Burnout Eyess
19. Art of Noise. Opus 4
20. National Trust. Fountains Abbey – Birds In Water Garden
21. Biosphere. The Third Planet
22. (Unknown) KG Intro.
23. The Focus Group. The Other Birds
24. Fox. S-S-S Single Bed
25. Wagon Christ. Rexist
26. Peter O’Toole. Dem Bones
27. Woodbines & Spiders. Old Hands Need a Glove
28. Richard Hartley. Dead Head
29. Giorgio Moroder. Leopard Tree Dream
30. Dead Can Dance. Windfall
31. Moon Wiring Club. Wolves in My House
32. Brian Bennett. The Unknown
33. Tangerine Dream. Katja
34. David Mindel. Russell Harty Theme
35. Robert Swain. S4C Ident #4
36. Florrie. Call 911 (Florrie Remix)
37. BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Avon’s Communicator
38. VHS Head. The Stuff
39. Datassette. Can You Smell Maths?
40. Hideyuki Shimono & Akihito Ohkawa. The Art of Destruction
41. Denny Crockett & Ike Egan. Le vieux vaisseau
42. Vangelis. Alpha
43. Jon Brooks. Piano & Tape Miniature no.1


I don’t know if some of you guys follow Warren’s 4am podcasts but the man has a knack for discovering really cool stuff. Also it does live up to its name. All installments make for perfect night-time listening. This time he has also included some music from your host’s project (Mysterians), for which I am eternally obliged (not to mention shocked).

The 4am is a selection composed entirely of music sent to me by artists. If you want your music (I’ll also take field recordings, noise and spoken-word) to be played on The 4am, email your 128kbps-plus mp3 files directly to Include your website address, please. The 4am is of no set length and is released on no set schedule. The 4am doesn’t survive without new music. If you like the 4am, please tell people.

Check it out here.

Eclectically fashionable mixtape by music scribe Simon Reynolds at Pontone.

When Pontone asked if I fancied coming up with a mixtape of favorites from the last decade, I thought “that could get pretty motley”. So I focused on a particular sound-stream: “eldritchtronic”, a non-existent genre that cuts across a bunch of zones (hauntology, the trippier end of microhouse, hypnagogic/glo-fi, the Brooklyn school of “ecstatic experimental”, etc). Mostly electronic but rarely intersecting with the dancefloor, this music merges blissy and eerie, the wired and the wyrd. And because the 2000s was when the linear temporality of music definitively dissolved, there’s leakage from the remote past, musique concrete and text-sound by artists I encountered for the first time during the Noughties.


Black Moth Super Rainbow Rollerdisco (“Dandelion Gum” Graveface, 2007)
Belbury Poly The Willows (“The Willows” Ghost Box, 2005)
Ricardo Villalobos Fizheuer Zieheuer (“Fizheuer Zieheuer” Playhouse, 2007)
AFX PWSteal.Ldpinch.D (“Analord 8″ Rephlex, 2005)
Isolee Text (“Rest” Playhouse, 2000)
Mordant Music The Black Crush (“Dead Air” Mordant Music, 2006)
Ducktails Neptune City, NJ (“Landscapes” Olde English Spelling Bee, 2009)
Dolphins Into The Future B9 (“Mountain Saturnus” Dreamtime Taped Sounds, 2007)
Oneohtrix Point Never Physical Memories (“Rifts” No Fun, 2009)
High Places From Stardust To Sentience (“high Places” Thrill Jockey, 2008)
Henry Sauguet Aspect Sentimental (“Archives GRM” Ina-GRM, 2004)
Harrison Birtwistle Chronometer (“Creelsploitation 1″ Creel Pone, 2006)
Lily Greenham Experience (“Lingual Music” Paradigm, 2007)
Animal Collective Panic (“Here Comes The Indian” Paw Tracks, 2003)
Moon Wiring Club Roger’s Ghost (“An Audience Of Art Deco Eyes” Gecophonic, 2007)
The Advisory Circle Sundial (“Other Channels” Ghost Box, 2008)
Sean McCann Look Out (“Phylum Sigh” DNT Records, 2009)
The Focus Group Modern Harp (“Hey Let Loose Your Love” Ghost Box, 2005)
Gang Gang Dance Dust (“Saint Dymphna” Warp, 2008)
J Dilla Won’t Do (Instrumental) (“The Shining (Instrumentals)” BBE, 2006)
Blectum From Blechdom Bastard Child (“Desnaunted Haus” Tigerbeat6, 2001)
Ariel Pink Life In L.A. (“Worn Copy” Paw Tracks, 2005)

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