Fabio Moon’s and Gabriel Ba’s Daytripper (Vertigo) must be the most moving, human comic series out there at the moment. Not to mention one of the best looking comics in quite a while. Each issue of Daytripper focuses on a particular year in the life of Bras de Oliva Domingos. At the end of each issue, Bras dies. One would think that, given the concept, there would be no point in reading past the first couple of issues, but the damn book gets better and better.


Moon manages to draw the reader in incredibly effortlessly, focusing on simple, everyday scenes and recognisable, relatable characters. Even though you know the outcome you can’t help but be really affected by Bras’ death every time. The pace is exemplary and Moon develops each chapter magnificently.

I don’t know if Daytripper would have such an impression on me if it hadn’t been for the combination of Moon’s stories and Ba’s artwork. He first came to my attention with Casanova (Image), written by Matt Fraction. This time, his art is being coloured by the amazing Dave Stewart and I find it considerably more appealing. Stewart’s palette complements both Ba’s idiosyncratic artwork ad Moon’s wistful tone.

It feels great to see Vertigo putting out some great titles again and it’s a shame that some of them are being so criminally overlooked, like the excellent Exterminators. Besides Daytripper, series like Air, Unwritten, DMZ and Sweet Tooth are more than welcome alternatives to the slop that’s out there.